What we teach kids today?

Majority of school think that they have fill up the space with things of laboratory glassware suppliers in UAE to make their schools better but in actual they need something else. They need teachers and professors who can understand students and handle them the way they want. 

Today there is need to teach them different skills and subjects. Do you want to know them? If yes, the scroll down and visit here!

Ethics: As the days are passing, social media is ruling the world and at certain points Facebook and Twitter are eradicating ethics and moral views which has importance and value. Thus, it is getting important day by day to teach them about social values and culture so that they would be able to adopt them and learn to cooperate with all humans and then walk in the pathway of this life otherwise it would be next to impossible to live on own without any help. 

Computer and Programming: It is getting very important to learn programming and coding because it is the skill which will get you job and work easily. If you know this skill, then it is guaranteed that you will never die of hunger or scarcity. There are many ways to learn it. You can learn it online via edX or Coursera or you go to any centre and have classis of HTML and Java. You can even learn Python and C language if you will develop interest in it. 

Planting: Greenery is fading away but its importance is not fading. We still need it and we will always need it because it provided oxygen and oxygen is food to our cells and body organs. Therefore, now it is important to teach them basics of planting and gardening so they would develop habit of growing vegetables and flowers at home and schools. Their habit will have positive impact on society‚Äôs environment and surroundings because little drops of water make the mighty ocean. 

Public speaking: Communication has main role in our lives. If a person is a good communicator then he or she is a winner and if he could not speak confidently, then no one turn him or her into winner. Therefore, schools should teach communicating and speech skills to their students so that they can become a tough competent in their future and career life. They should be taught that how they present themselves in public via speech and language skills. These skills will build their confidence and make them a better person.