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Tips on conducting a complete move-in cleaning when giving your life a fresh start

Relocating to a new home is never an easy decision to make. There is so much that you will have to take care of when moving in to a new house. From packing, moving, unloading, unpacking and arranging your new home exactly as you want there is so much that you will have to watch out for. After going through a stressful and hectic process of relocation, the last thing that you will want to do is to clean your new home thoroughly so that you can start unpacking and arranging your items in your new home.

If truth be told, there is a good chance that your possessions will reach your new place before you. Hence, it will be really hard for you to clean your place properly around them. As such, here are a few tips that are sure to help you with your move in cleaning in Dubai:

Tip 1: Start with the kitchen

The kitchen is the most important part of any home. Hence, it is best for you to start there. Make sure that the kitchen floors are properly scrubbed and cleaned out. While the previous owner may have cleaned the place before moving out, it is best for you to dedicate time to cleaning it when you move in too.

Tip 2: Use the best cleaning agents for your appliances

Whenever you get down to move in cleaning and are focusing on your appliances, it is necessary for you to make sure that the right equipment and cleaning agents are used. For scrubbing purposes, cleaning pastes, agents like baking soda and a heavy duty cloth work best. There are dedicated oven cleaners that you can use to clean inside the oven. When cleaning under the hood, it is best for you to use a top quality grease remover.

Tip 3: Clean out your refrigerator

When starting out with cleaning your refrigerator, it is highly recommended for you to remove everything and clean them out separately. Unplug your fridge before washing it out. To ensure that all the sides are cleaned out properly, move it a bit away from the wall and leave it open so that it dries up and aerates.

If all of this sounds too hard for you, then you can take on the services of deep cleaning companies in Dubai to help you out. Their staff members will come in and take care of everything for you!

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2019 Cleaning Resolutions You Should Make

2018 has passed and a lot of people are still struggling about how they are going to clean and maintain their work and living spaces. Although cleaning can be a challenge, some of us need a little push to be motivated to clean.

If you are looking forward to a cleaner and more organise 2019, here are some tips that you can use to start your own decluttering project:

  • Hire a professional

As much as it pains us to spend money on a part time housemaid in Abu Dhabi, there are instances when their expertise is necessary. For one, if you have a demanding schedule and barely have time to clean, you definitely need someone to help you clean and organise your space. You may think it is just an additional expenditure but you will realize in the long run how this set up can help you. For one, you are able to have an extra time to focus on your loved ones and other stuff.

  • Delegate cleaning assignments

If getting house cleaning services Abu Dhabi is not an option, you might consider delegating some cleaning tasks to other family members. Remember that cleanliness is not a job of an individual person but of the whole family. Just provide them with clear instructions and set a timetable so you can monitor their tasks.

  • Organise your belongings


At times, the cause of clutter is unorganise items and stuff.  It can make life tedious and stressful. To lessen the stress brought by this predicament, make an effort to organise you stuff diligently. Investing on storage materials can help you sort out things that are for storage and for disposal.


  • Discard items you don’t need


Face it. Some of us like to hold on to things that we love, whether it is an old shirt from your childhood or a broken china that was given to you as a gift. But the truth is, these items can cramped your space and keep your living area crowded. Learn how to let go of old stuff and dispose of things that you are not using.


  • Live a minimalist life


Shopping is definitely fun to do, but at the end of the day, you realize that you are buying things that you don’t really need. Try to practice a minimalistic lifestyle and you will see that your space will be easier to clean and manage. As they say, “Less is always more.”

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Tips to help you find a reliable pest control company

There are a number of steps that home owners can take to control household pests. This can be achieved by means of preventive measures including proper home maintenance practices and sanitation. However, if the infestation goes out of hand or it gets difficult to control a particular pest around the house then taking on the services of a pest control company becomes imperative.

However, finding the pest control company in Dubai might not be as easy as you think. This is because there are so many of these out there these days, but not all of them are dedicated to delivering top quality services. A majority of them are only there to make money and have no concern whatsoever with the well-being of their clients. Here is a look into the different steps that you can take to find a reliable pest control company around you.

  1. Acquiring references is a must

To begin with your search, it is highly recommended for you to initially acquire references from people that you know. These references can come from your family members, friends, colleagues and neighbors etc. Speak to them and find out if they know of a reliable pest control company or a company for professional deep cleaning services in Dubai.

  1. Search for the companies on the internet

The internet is another major source of searching good pest control company. All what you have to do is to type certain keywords in a search engine in this case your search keywords would be something like thism “best pest control companies in *YOUR AREA NAME*”, and you will get the list of all the pest control companies that operate in your area. It is highly recommended for you to only note down the organic search results that shows up on the first page.

  1. Conduct research on shortlisted companies

Once you have a list of pest control companies in your area with you, it is time to conduct a bit of research on them. Go through their websites and find out what services they offer to their clients. Also, check if they are in business for at least 5 years. This is important because only a professional pest control company can sustain in the market for that long period. Moreover, you should also look for reviews and comments by their previous clients about their services before hiring the one that you find best out of them.

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Things You Need to Know About Waste Management

You should not forget that you are responsible towards your environment. Whatever you do effects the environment. Basically, if the waste management won’t be good, it will do nothing other than ruining the environment. If you are not aware of the waste management there here you will find the information related to it.

What is it?

Basically waste management us the process in which you treat the solid waste, you discover different solutions of recycling that waste. Well waste management is all about how you can use garbage in a valuable way. There are many companies that are working on waste management in Dubai. They always try to come up with the solution that s beneficial for both, Mother Nature and for the mortals living on this planet earth.

It is something that is needed by all the business owners and all the households. If you are not aware of how waste is converted into a valuable resource then here you will find the needed information.


Now, the word combustion surely reminds you of the time when you used to learn chemistry in the school. Well you are right it is the same combustion process. Basically in this process waste gets burned at quite high temperature so that it converts into gaseous product. The amazing advantage of this process is that solid waste gets converted into gaseous state which decreases the volume. This process is also called as thermal treatment. Well he only disadvantage of this process is that it pollutes the air by releasing carbon monoxide.


Recycling is the amazing process through which you convert the used products into something new. Not all materials can be recycled but yes few can. In this process you convert the waste product into something new. Recycling is such an amazing idea because you are not burning anything. Since nothing is getting burned, the air won’t pollute. Moreover you are getting something new in return so surely this is another benefit of the recycling process.

Energy Conversion

Another usage of waste is that, it can be used to generate electricity. Yes that’s true, the solid waste you get, you can burn it and the heat that is produced in return you can easily use that heat to generate electricity.

If you want to know about the companies that are on the road of discovering new methods of waste management then visit website.

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Picking the Right Cleaning Chemical Supplier for Your Hospitality Business

Hospitality-related businesses are expected to provide the best service to their clients – from serving the customers to making sure that their establishment is superbly clean. That is why they put so much effort on scouting and picking the best suppliers that would help them provide excellent cleaning services, including the cleaning staff, equipment, and agents.


If you are on the process of building your hospitality business, it is a must that you pick the best cleaning chemicals suppliers in UAE. Here’s how:


  1. They have a wide-range of cleaning agents

It is imperative that your establishment should be clean, from top to bottom. Every space should be gleaming and spotless. But cleaning the whole place would mean cleaning different materials and fixtures. This kind of job would mean you need different cleaning agents to deal with cleaning different needs. Your supplier should have a wide array of cleaning agents that would solve any cleaning issues you have on your establishment.


  1. They know what you need

Every hospitality-related industry have different cleaning needs so your supplier should be able to provide you a customized cleaning solutions specifically for your business. Apart from providing all the cleaning solutions, they should know what type of cleaning chemicals is right for your business space. When you look for a supplier, lay down your requirements and ask them if they have the right cleaning materials you need.


  1. They have a good track record for delivery supplies

Delays in delivery is bad for business. Your supplier should be able to deliver what you need on the dot. They should be familiar with your operations and have an estimated amount of cleaning chemicals for your cleaning requirements. So when you placed an order, they can easily prepare your orders and deliver them to you on time.


  1. They have competitive pricing for their cleaning supplies.

Cleaning chemicals suppliers in UAE offer competitive pricing to their prospective clients. But be sure that the price will not affect the quality and quantity of the products you ordered. If the price that your supplier is a little bit pricey than the rest but it offers top notch materials, then you can consider this. Check the rates of each supplier thoroughly.


  1. They have superb customer relations

Customer service is making sure that your needs as a client is met – from ordering your supplies to providing alternative solutions to your inquiries and feedbacks. Make sure that your supplier meet all this requirements for a smooth-sailing client-supplier relationship.

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Picking The Best Building Cleaning Company In Town

No matter how much you care for your workplace, there comes a time when it requires proper cleaning. This is when your everyday cleaning doesn’t work. Wondering how? It is easy. Daily cleaning doesn’t go as far as to clean the premises entirely. It only cleans the place in a routine fashion. But after a few months, you begin to notice stains and marks on both interior and exterior of your office. When that happens, know that this is something that your daily cleaning staff cannot handle. In essence, it is time to get the professionals. Building cleaning in Dubai is far from easy. However, by doing proper homework, you can get to the right one. Here is more on how to keep your premises shine crisp like it used to a year ago.

Collect Price Quotes

As you do before hiring any service, the first thing is to make a list of reputable building cleaning services. Once you are done, it is time to make some inquiries. Ask them about services they offer and price they charge for each service. Collect as many price quotes as you can as it will later help you get to the right cleaning company.

Site Inspection

Not every cleaning company will give you a complete price quote straight away. Some services will ask you to take them to the site. Onsite inspection helps the service to properly measure the place you want them to clean. From exterior to interior, AC and kitchen duct cleaning Dubai etc. Naturally, they’ll measure the place and calculate the price of cleaning accordingly. A quality cleaning service will give you a rough estimate and will inform you all the details beforehand. This will make it easy for you to calculate your cleaning budget and whether to hire the service or not.


Contract Stipulations

During the survey, the cleaning service will calculate the expenses it will incur to clean the premises. Once you agree with it, they’ll present you the contract. Make sure not to accept everything written in it. You can ask them to add or remove some stipulations from the contract if you want. Most services are flexible so they’ll not be bothered if asked to make changes to the cleaning contract.

Once the contract is finalized, give the service the go ahead and start the job.

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