No matter what you’ve done in Dubai so far, if you didn’t go on a desert safari tour, your Dubai trip is as good as incomplete. You may be thinking as to why desert safari is such a big deal? After all, what is so great in riding four wheelers in the desert? Both questions are logical and beg appropriate answers, but only a person having no knowledge of safaris will ask. In the simplest words, the desert safari is your access to a whole new world.

It’s not just a safari, rather a complete entertainment package that you get by spending a tiny amount of money. If that’s not all, due to unrestricted fun and entertainment you will get out of your safari tour, you will call it incomparable to any other activity you’ve during your Dubai trip so far. Due to multiple activities and the fun of riding in the morning, evening and night desert has turned desert safari into the mainstream fun and a trademark form of no holds barred fun. Here is more on how to have the best desert safari in Dubai this season:

From Booking To Riding

It is true that booking your desert safari trip has become way easier than it used to. Just pick the phone, dial the number and start inquiring about all the safari packages. Keep in mind that you will find a number of desert safari package providers, each with a different package and entertainment, and food. You might have to choose from multiple types of tours. Common tours include hummer rides, quad bike trips, camel rides, and four-wheeler rides among others. Apart from the trips, you will also get to spend great time in the camp and can even stay there for the night.

The interesting bit about Dubai desert safari is that every ride brings with it a peculiar kind of fun. As such, it would be delightful to try each ride for a while and double your fun during the trip.


The peculiar BBQ is a trademark food of desert safari. You will not taste a better food anywhere in Dubai when it comes to unique, spicy BBQ. Call it a special dinner recipe of desert safari if you will, but it makes for a great food and sums up your trip on a tasty end, if you don’t intend to spend the night in the desert. However, you can have your trip altered by contacting your trip provider.

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