A counsellor can help you with a range of problems you are dealing with. These professionals are trained to assist you to cope with the challenges you are facing and make sound decisions on whatever situation you might be in.


So when you find the right therapists in Dubai be quick on setting an appointment and do these preparations before the sessions:


  1. Know the payment scheme

Psychotherapists are also professionals who need to earn to keep their business afloat, so it is a must for patients to pay their therapists. Before the actual session, you have to know how much their rate is and what would be the payment scheme. It would be best to get the payment thing out of the way before the first session since it might be awkward to talk about that on your initial session. Set a pre-session appointment to know these things and also to set and manage expectations as well. Once these things are clarified and resolved, both of you (therapists and patients) can focus on more important matters, like the session and the treatment.


  1. Get your documents ready

If you had prior consultations with another counsellor or expert in psychotherapy in Dubai, it would be best to bring those documents that would reflect your therapy sessions and findings. This would help your current therapist to know your history of treatment and pick up from there. If you haven’t consulted with any counsellors in the past, other medical records that you think might help with your case should be presented to your current therapist.


  1. Start expressing through your journals

The usual therapy sessions last for one to two hours, depending on the agreement. On this duration, there will time allotted for patients to speak up. Sometimes, the time allotted for this activity is wasted since the patients is not very keen on expressing themselves to their counsellors. It is understandable in the first few sessions but if it happens more often, you might be wasting money. Avoid this by being prepared. If you are having a hard time speaking, you can start by writing down the reasons why you seek therapy and what are feeling. It can be a good start. You can also keep writing to note the progress of your therapy.


  1. Be prepared to open minded and listen as well

Once you decided to go through a therapy session, you need to prepare yourself for anything that you might learn or heard. Sometimes, the therapist would recommend or suggest things that you think will not benefit your situation. But you need to be open-minded about what your therapist suggests as it might be for your own good.