The young woman measures to itself a bust

Going through a breast augmentation in Dubai or any other procedure that requires you to go under the knife can be painful, especially after the surgery. Patients must follow certain post-operative guidelines to ensure their speedy recovery and full healing.

If you are scheduled for a breast augmentation soon, it would be best to know these basic post-operative tips so you can be well-prepared before and after the preparation:

  • Get your post-op bags ready

Yes, you need that have that “bag” prepared before you go through surgery. Your postoperative recovery bag should contain important stuff that is important for your recovery. After the surgery, you may have to stay in the hospital for a day or two, so you need to have your things there before the surgery. Get a reasonably-sized bag and put the following: medications prescribed by your doctor, water, dry snacks, change of clothes (preferably light in material and not body-fitting), cash and credit cards, and documents that is important to your confinement.


  • Set your home for your arrival

After a few days of confinement, your doctor and surgeons would clear you for discharge. But you are not fully healed yet. You may have to stay home for a week or two, depending on your condition. So, it would be best to prepare your home for your arrival after the surgery. Stuck up your pantry before the procedure and rearrange the furniture so you can move around easily in your space. Ask a friend or a relative to stay with you during this time. An additional pair of hands can help your speedy recovery.


  • Get much needed rest

As mentioned, being discharged doesn’t mean that you are healed and well. You need to take much needed rest to ensure your full recovery. Your doctor would advise you to not to move around a lot and you should strictly follow that advice. Doing strenuous activities can affect or irritate the operated area. Ask your doctor when is the best time that you can go back to your usual routines. Based on your checkups and current condition, they will give you a go signal. But as much as possible, take a week off from work and household chores.


  • Avoid hot baths

After days of feeling filthy, some patients feel the need to take a warm bath to relax themselves. But if you are a recovering patient, it would be best consult with your doctor. Hot and warm baths can irritate the affected area and might cause bleeding.

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