Parents are expected to be critical of their child’s education or whatever school-related concerns their kids are dealing with. However, there are instances when parents go overboard to get their point across. Still, parents are advised to deal with issues concerning their child in a professional and calm manner.

Here are some basic etiquette tips that can guide parents when they are addressing problems and concerns with the school administrators:

  • Be aware of the communication mode and guidelines


Top primary schools in Dubai provide parents a manual or guideline on how to connect with them should there be concerns regarding their child. Be sure to read the manual that the school will provide and know the proper communication channels they can take advantage of. If the school prefers you to relay your concerns through a formal letter, then it would be best to follow of communication they prefer. This would prevent the instances of messages not being received or delivered.


  • Participate in school activities


Parents are always advised to attend school fairs and activities that are requesting their presence. One of the reasons why most British curriculum schools in Dubai encourage parents to attend is for them to relay the current standing of their kids’ school performance and also inform parents of any issues their kids are dealing with. It would also boost your kid’s morale when they see that you are also actively participating in school activities involving parents. Be sure to confirm your attendance in advance when an invitation to attend is sent. If you will not be able attend, be sure to inform the school as well.

  • Be respectful when relaying your concerns


It is understandable for parents to be overly protective of their kids, especially when something bad happened to them. When emotions are high, there are chances that the conflict or the issue will not be resolved. As much as possible, approach the situation calmly. If you feel that you are not emotionally ready to face the people involved, take a breather and composed yourself. Being calm in cases like this would help resolve the conflict faster and both parties will reach a resolution that would favor everyone.


  • Be on time when attending teacher-parent conferences


You need to remember that teachers and school administrators are following a strict schedule on a regular basis. So when they ask you to meet on a specific date and time, be sure to arrive on schedule. If you are going to be late, inform the people involved in advance so they can adjust their schedules properly.