We believe that every child should be involved in team sports. Aside from keeping them busy and active, team sports also instil healthy habits and help our young ones physically, mentally, and emotionally. In a team sport, children understand that there is no “I” in team. It’s best if they learn sportsmanship and cooperation while they are still young. They should learn how to work together with other kids—with different personalities and cultures—to achieve a common goal. Team sports usually lead to new friendships.


Team sports also teach children respect. During the games, they need to listen and respect the opinions of their coaches and co-players. Playing in a team teaches children that they should respect everyone, from the star player to someone who has not had much experience. Being respectful to other people should be observed on and off the court.


Time management is also one of the main values children learn in a team sport. They should learn to allot enough time for family time, doing assignments, and practicing their sports. Children who are sports-oriented learn how to find a healthy balance among different areas of their lives. If you want to reduce the stress and improve the productivity of your kid, you should teach him/her proper time management. Or better yet, let your kid be involved in a team sport.


Playing in a team teaches children many things—one of those is that “life is not always fair”. There may be some instances when they do not agree with the call of the referee. There may be times when they think they will surely win because of their efforts but loose in the end. So, they have to understand that things will not always go their way. Team sports teach children that they cannot always get what they want and that they should deal with disappointments professionally. Their team may not win all the time, but losing can teach them many things—like the value of perseverance and never giving up.


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