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Advantages of dual citizenship

The prevailing idea of dual citizenship has always been a topic of discussion in the world. There are certain political and social agendas associated with it. Some people talk in favor of dual nationality and some speak against it; however, no matter whether people support the idea of dual nationality or not the majority of them aspire to have a dual citizenship. Indubitably, dual nationality not only opens the door to success and opportunities but it also allows individuals to receive the privileges and benefits provided by each country.

The ongoing state of mayhem and havoc in some countries has compelled individuals to look forward to the dual citizenship programs. Due to this reason, the majority of people are more likely to look up to the citizenship by investment Grenada in the matters of acquiring a dual nationality. However, the process of attaining dual citizenship is complex yet, it is not impossible. There are many individuals who have acquired Cyprus and Canadian citizenship with the help of Canadian and Cyprus citizenship by investment program.


Holding a concurrent citizenship in two different countries and carrying the passport of both the countries holds significant value these days. It does not only augment the chances of success of the individual but also offer several opportunities to his upcoming generations. Hence, for knowing the utmost significance of dual nationality we must take a deeper look at the benefits and importance of dual citizenship.


Cultural Exposure:

Multicultural societies have plenty of things to offer to an individual. Yet, certainly, exposure to different cultures is one of the most significant benefits for the people who are dwelling in a multicultural environment. It does not only expand the horizon of thinking but also equip the mind of the individual with the relevant information and knowledge on different subjects. Therefore, to experience different cultures it is significant for us to look forward to having a dual citizenship.

Better Standard of Education:

Still, in this era, there are some underdeveloped and developing countries where the standard of education is not very high and up to the mark. However, the ongoing rat race in the world has compelled individuals to acquire dual citizenship for achieving a top-level education in any respective field. Dual citizenship allows individuals to avail all the social and political right of the specific country and free education is one of the social rights of developed countries. Hence, for the betterment of our future and improving the standard of life sticking to the idea of dual nationality is certainly the best option.

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Want To Go Abroad? Read This First

Have you ever had a thought of leaving Abu Dhabi for some reason?  If so, you are not the only person around living with such dreams. The fact is that there are thousands   living with a similar dream around you. Though they may be thinking about visiting other places instead of what you may have in mind, but the idea of leaving your home town for tourism, studies or even settling to someplace else occurs to many people. What is not so common is that when people take a step further and contact the consulate to fulfill their dream. Places like Thailand and Canada come across as great tourism spots for visitors. Interestingly, you can apply for a visa for both these countries from Abu Dhabi. Here is more to know about applying for either of these countries from Abu Dhabi:


Applying For Thailand

The Royal Embassy of Thailand is located at Al Shumous Street Abu Dhabi, close to the Abu Dhabi General Headquarters. Just visit the place along with your passport and relevant documents and fill the visa application. Thailand is a great tourism spot and people from around the world visit the place each year. It is home to some of the most exotic sites in Asia. With places like Koh Phi, Chiang Mai, the country has a number of awesome beaches and resorts. You will not regret touring Thailand that’s for sure. Instead, you will remember it as one of the more memorable trips of your life. Keep these things in mind before apply for business immigration to Canada .


The country is fast becoming a safe home for expats from UAE and other parts of the world.  Due to immigrant friendly policies, Canada has become an intriguing place for many. Whether you want to settle in Canada or just visit the cold and chilling place, Canada is among the most ideal countries to be. The good news is that you can apply for Canadian immigration from Abu Dhabi. Make sure to decide which category you want to apply for. Do pay a visit to the Canadian consulate in Abu Dhabi and acquire general information about the visa application and process. It will help you know all the requisites of visa application and how long the process will take. In addition, you must bring the fee along with your passport and related documents when visiting the consulate.

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Get Out of Dubai and Tour the Desert

Once you have had your fill of the towering modern buildings, exquisite jewelry, tasty cuisine and high life that make up Dubai, take a tour to the desert! Get out and experience nature in all her glory, while seeing the world much as the ancient tribes did, from the back of a camel.

Camel Safari

Who doesn’t need a 7 hour camel safari to top off their vacation? You should know first off that you will not be required to ride a camel for 7 hours, in fact your destination is a mere 45 minute ride. At the end of the journey through the colorful sand dunes you will find a camp made of different “booths” where you can learn more about the values and traditions of the area.

Dinner will be four courses and include a nice traditional meal, called ghuzi, and may consist of vegetable rice, chicken kabobs, yogurt, lamb and camel meat. (no, not any of the ones you rode in on). Sample Menus:

  • Salad
  • Spicy lentil soup
  • Lamb and cheese filled pastries
  • Lamb served with nuts and rice
  • Fruit Salad
  • Local donuts- saffron flavored and drizzled with date syrup

Around you in this Bedouin style camp will be flame torches, setting the perfect Arabian Nights ambiance. Enjoy traditional dance and music under wide open skies filled with twinkling stars.

At the end of your evening, you will take a minivan back to the city where you can repose for the evening at your hotel of choice.


If you are not keen on taking a camel ride or simply want to take the desert via Land Rover, there is a desert tour for that as well. Zoom through the desert in a vintage Rover, take in a falconry display and then arrive at the Bedouin camp.

Conservation Tour

The conservation tour is a leisurely safari from the air conditioned comfort of a Mercedes or Land Rover. During your drive, you will learn more about the ecosystem and wildlife in the area, and hopefully get a chance to snap some great photos. About an hour and a half into your drive, you will arrive at the Al Maha Desert Resort where you will be served refreshments and have time to relax before returning to Dubai.


There is so much to do and see in Dubai, the desert can get overlooked. Do yourself and your family a favor and take one of the several safari trips. Not only is the desert breathtaking, you could learn something along the way.

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