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Communication Etiquette Tips For Parents’ Preschoolers

Parents are expected to be critical of their child’s education or whatever school-related concerns their kids are dealing with. However, there are instances when parents go overboard to get their point across. Still, parents are advised to deal with issues concerning their child in a professional and calm manner.

Here are some basic etiquette tips that can guide parents when they are addressing problems and concerns with the school administrators:

  • Be aware of the communication mode and guidelines


Top primary schools in Dubai provide parents a manual or guideline on how to connect with them should there be concerns regarding their child. Be sure to read the manual that the school will provide and know the proper communication channels they can take advantage of. If the school prefers you to relay your concerns through a formal letter, then it would be best to follow of communication they prefer. This would prevent the instances of messages not being received or delivered.


  • Participate in school activities


Parents are always advised to attend school fairs and activities that are requesting their presence. One of the reasons why most British curriculum schools in Dubai encourage parents to attend is for them to relay the current standing of their kids’ school performance and also inform parents of any issues their kids are dealing with. It would also boost your kid’s morale when they see that you are also actively participating in school activities involving parents. Be sure to confirm your attendance in advance when an invitation to attend is sent. If you will not be able attend, be sure to inform the school as well.

  • Be respectful when relaying your concerns


It is understandable for parents to be overly protective of their kids, especially when something bad happened to them. When emotions are high, there are chances that the conflict or the issue will not be resolved. As much as possible, approach the situation calmly. If you feel that you are not emotionally ready to face the people involved, take a breather and composed yourself. Being calm in cases like this would help resolve the conflict faster and both parties will reach a resolution that would favor everyone.


  • Be on time when attending teacher-parent conferences


You need to remember that teachers and school administrators are following a strict schedule on a regular basis. So when they ask you to meet on a specific date and time, be sure to arrive on schedule. If you are going to be late, inform the people involved in advance so they can adjust their schedules properly.

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Benefits of Property Asset Management

Evaluation of a property is the most essential part of selling a property. Real estate and property asset management firms deal in evaluation of properties which are on the shopping list of their clients and customers. Some of the clients are up to invest their savings while others want to purchase a property for residential or commercial purposes. Generally, they choose best sector or property to invest or buy to get the best return on the project for investors. Detailed analysis and property survey is needed for suggesting any strategy to the clients.

The core requirements for a property manager are;

  • A practitioner who deals in purchase and sale of properties
  • Well-understood about legal boundaries in arranging leases and rental agreements
  • Analyze detailed need and purpose of investments and their return in coming future

Asset management, fund management and investment managers are similar terminologies used by different property management firms. Some firms emphasize on increasing the valuation of a property for investment and some only maintain their pool of investment by increasing their clients.

The bond between asset managers and their clients are more diverse than with funds managers and their clients. Clients who invest in assets are usually proprietors and owners of different fund management firms but in fund management many individual clients create pool of money for investment.

Different property management firms deal differently; some own the property and make its chunks for investments to individuals and different parties while others just take part as services providers in between owners and buyers.

Inexperienced asset managers usually assist senior colleagues to understand different strategies of the business and norms to deliver any proposal to the prospect or current client. The work is varied according to the purpose and type of investment a client is looking for and the strategy a manager could provide as a result. The team is equipped with developer, evaluator, building consultant and planner. Other tasks may include; marketing and sales promotions, and sales negotiations.

Chartered surveyors and their team members should be well-capable in analysis of different investment schemes, other environmental and natural factors affecting it, the revaluation after three to five years of investment, building infrastructure and imperfection survey and other quantitative surveys.

In the United Arab Emirates, property investment is restricted for foreigners and many legal formalities and documentations are needed to invest in any property for residential or commercial or business purposes, therefore individuals need proper guidance from property asset management firms. For further details, please visit website of Dubai property and asset management to answer all queries.

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Finding The Best Safe For Your Needs

Are you tired of concerns and attempts of burglary in your hotel? If so, you must be a worried man who surrounded with concerns of all kinds lately. Frankly, it can be quite a nightmare to operate business under such a stressed environment. You need to pay attention to solutions instead of worrying about the problems. They’ll keep occurring and one in a blue moon will hit your hotel too. When it comes to solutions, you only need as much as it could benefit you. Keep in mind that investing in the best solution may not be what you are looking for. It takes a long time to find a safe that could give your belongings security. Of course, you are looking for the best safe in its class but you will not be able to find it just as is. To find one, you need to follow a string of procedures that will lead you to the right vendor, who in turn will take you to the suitable safe. Keep in mind that when compared to your ordinary safes, the hotel safes are little different. They are designed to fulfill commercial needs which make them a tad bigger, and often more durable compared to their residential counterparts. Here is more on things you need to do to find the best in class hotel safes:


Finding the best safe is not easy, and finding the best safe maker can be equally difficult. The only thing you can do here is to find the safe maker that could lead you to the safe. To achieve that, you need to get in touch with people in your social circle. Start asking people you know and even those who are not in your circle. Inquire about the top safe makers near you and ask for the name and number. When the list is ready, it is time to get in touch with every vendor in the list. Inquire about different models of safe and see the one that you think could serve your needs, but that’s for later. For now, keep your focus on asking questions and know about testimonials. Ask their previous customers about their experience using their safes. If the response is in affirmative, you should buy from them, if not, look for other options.

Keep in mind that a quality fire proof safe will not only keep your belongings in top shape, it will also serve you well for many years to come.

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Enhancing Safety – Consider This First

Looking for safety is a natural phenomenon that exists among all living beings. Life is all about staying secure, but hazards do occur from time to time. When it does, it makes sense to look for solutions to could keep you and family safe and sound. It is important to consider your options to stay safe. Doing so will likely lead you to measures that will enable to stay safe. Eruption of fire at different places is fast becoming a widespread phenomenon for a number of reasons. Despite the fact that man has made excellent arrangements to avoid fire related hazards, there have been cases where fire had caused significant damage. Make no mistake about the concerns related to fire eruption. Here is more on why controlling fire in the shortest possible time can be the difference between life and death and why should you do it on urgent basis:

Look For The Best To Buy The Best

If not controlled in a short span of time, fire can cause a lot of damage. Lately, we are witnessing forest fires emerging in many places around the world. There can be many reasons for it, but the damage it causes to life and stock is immense. At times, the forest fire becomes so worse that controlling it becomes quite difficult. Thanks to modern technology, such fires are eventually controlled and the extent of damage is often contained. When it comes to residential fire that erupts often due to negligence and carelessness, efficient firefighting equipment can be bought off the shelf.

In order to find that equipment, you will be required to find the best fire safety equipment suppliers in UAE. Of course, finding one immediately may not be possible straightaway. You might need to spend plenty of time to find the one that actually offers top of the line fire safety equipment near you. However, it is a matter for the safety of you and family, so don’t be shy in spending time to search for the right supplier. Doing so will surely help you find one and will lead to the suppliers that offer the best firefighting equipment money can buy. Quality firefighting equipment will take you to the best suppliers. Eventually, you will find the number of equipment that will not only keep your premises secure; it will also serve you for many years to come.

Click here to know more about the importance of quality firefighting equipment why should look to buy one.

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Some Facts You Have To Know About Solar Batteries

Solar batteries are quite sufficient to meet all of your energy need. You must have heard about solar power batteries. Nowadays people prefer going for solar energy rather than using the fossil fuel. You can say that solar energy is the new future, you are responsible towards the environment the fossil fuel which is being used to generate electricity harms your environment more than you can imagine. The fossil fuel ruins your environment more that you can think of.

Solar batteries in UAE are really common. You are aware of the temperature of the Middle East; there is no shortage of solar energy there because you get to see the sun 24×7. The solar battery capture the radiations from the sun rays and then covert it into solar energy, now that solar energy helps you in generating electricity.

Depends on the condition

Well you need to use the solar energy in the appropriate way. Don’t think that since your electricity bills are decreased, you are completely allowed to light up all the bulbs of your house, you start thinking that now you are free to do anything. Well how do you use that solar energy matters a lot. You simply can’t use that solar energy 24×7; you need to understand that sun is not there 24×7, so yes you have to save the solar energy for the next day usage. If you are living in a country where sun doesn’t appear for a longer period, it is advisable for you to be very conscious with the consumption of solar energy.


You must have heard about solar batteries, there are some facts which you surely need to know related to it.

Solar battery charges are easily available for every size of the battery. It is easy to use solar power battery backups to light the bulbs in your house.

The casings of solar battery are constructed from a really light material. The protective covering on the battery removes it from the harsh weather conditions.

Suppose if the sun doesn’t’ appear any day then the solar battery saves you big time by providing you the solar power which generate the electricity.

If you are hitting the beach it is best that you keep portable charger with you, so that when you are in need of doing an urgent call and your battery get drained, solar power saves you. If you want to know more about solar batteries go to website.

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Why Hiring a Car Tinting Professional Is A Good Idea

A lot of us want to do things by ourselves, which is why DIY kits became so popular. It can be a good idea, especially if you are the kind of person who are very keen on doing things on your own. But there are instances when you need to get the help of a professional, especially if you are dealing with your vehicle.

Car services like car tinting would need an expert to install them properly. If you are on the fence over hiring one, these reasons might help you to change your mind:

  1. Knowledge of tinting laws

Every location have their own tinting laws. They set specific limits on how dark the tint should be. Most DIY kits do not have those distinctions. The worse thing that could happen is you can a darker tint that is against the laws or a much lighter one which will do next to nothing to shield you from sunlight. Car window tinting Dubai companies always update themselves on the latest tinting laws, so you don’t have to worry about getting into trouble with the authorities.


  1. Use high grade materials

Another advantage of getting a professional car tinting company is that they use state-of-the-art tinting window films, unlike those you just purchase from the market. These window film tints are proven to block UV rays that can damage the eye and can cause early skin aging and skin cancers. The material is also made to withstand elements, not just sunlight. And with high grade tint, you can save in the long run since you don’t have to replace them once the film got damaged due to many reasons.


  1. Can do it right for you

If this is your first-time to put car tint, there is a high chance that you will not get it right. In fact, you might damage your car glass or the film which is more costly. A professional window tinting company can do it right for the first time. You can be sure that the areas needed to be covered are covered and there will be no crease, bubbles or wrinkling on their application. And they can also do it faster and more efficiently.


  1. You can customized

Most DIY window film are not customized so there are limited options for you to choose from. But by having a car tinting company to do the job, you have more options to choose from. You can have a tint that match the color of your ride, on a contrasting window film that complements the paint and coating of your car.


To know more about car tinting, visit

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Would-Be Mom’s Guide on Maternity Photography

Pregnancy is a very precious phase and occasion that needs to be celebrated and documented. A lot of mom-to-be are thinking of recalling every moment it once their little ones are born and what better way to remember that is through maternity shoot.

However, maternity photography Abu Dhabi experts always advise their client-moms to prepare for this event to ensure a smooth-sailing maternity shoot. If you are planning to have your taken in the near future, here are some tips to follow:

  1. Think of a theme and concept

Expectant moms who wants to have their maternity shots taken were often presented a theme by their photographers. Having a theme would help on creating a storyline for your maternity shoot. You can either choose from their recommendations or if you have a theme in mind, be sure to tell your photographer and he can help you broaden that concept that you want. Apart from the theme, you also have to decide if you want to have an indoor and outdoor photo shoot. The photographer would discuss with you the pros and cons of these options. Hear him out and decide which one you would prefer.


  1. Look for creative shots and poses

Maternity shoots can be tricky some you can do very limited poses due to your pregnancy. But that shouldn’t stop you from being creative. Look for creative maternity poses over the internet. Compile and show them to your photographer if they can recreate that shots that you want. Having pegs makes the photo shoot easier and faster.


  1. Be sure that you are safe and secure

You and your little one’s security is a top most priority. Before going for a maternity shoot, be sure that you are in good condition. It would be best to check with your doctor and asks if there are limitations and what are the preparations that needed to done in terms of your health. Follow your doctor’s advice thoroughly.


  1. Have your husband and kids involved

Pregnancy is a family affair so be sure to get your partner and kids involved. Aside from the maternity shoot, it can also be a great opportunity for you to have a family photo that can serve as a memory of this special occasion. Tell your husband your plans and ask for his suggestions as well. You can either include the photos on your photo book or enlarge and display them in your home.


  1. Enjoy the moment

Some might feel that photo shoots can be tedious, but take this opportunity to enjoy the moment. Your joyful emotions would reflect on your photographs and the photographer would be able to capture the real emotions. Just have some fun and make the most out of it!


Read more about maternity photography on this site.

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Refresh your home paint to give it a fab look

There are many different reasons why you might want to redo the paint at your place. To begin with, it is going to enhance the overall look and feel of your home. The current paint that you have might have become a bit blotched with stains and marks. The best part is that there are countless types of paints available these days, most of which are resistant to stains. Different types of paint can be used in modern decor schemes as well as country homes, fashionable villas and humble abodes.

Paints to choose from – there’s a whole variety for you to consider

There’s literally a world of paints by the best painting companies Dubai available these days, and if truth be told, choosing from amongst them all can truly get overwhelming. Neutral coloured paints that are provided by top notch painting companies are attractive, rarely wear out and they are easy to take care, making it a one-time investment in your home. The best part about most paints is that they do not absorb stains, and are very colourful making it a good choice for bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. There are additionally rustic colour based paints, which are said to be ideal for balconies and kitchens with their good grip and rustic look. You may also be interested in getting hardwood flooring with this paint scheme or perhaps you would be interested in laminate flooring. Amongst the many different types of tiles that are available these days for this purpose, some of the most popular ones are outdoor tiles for they can make the exterior part of your home appear to be truly alluring and elegant. Their installation is truly highly recommended if you want to give your home exterior that alluring appeal that would make it look fascinating.


Cleaning your wall paint


Cleaning wall paint can be made easy by choosing the correct cleaning method and products. Although these cannot be cleaned to a full 100%, there are quite a few products out there that can help you out with it. Damp mopping with good quality cleaning solvents can make your paint appear to be sparkling clean. As long as you can maintain cleanliness around your place, you can stay assured that the paint will last a very long time. In case you feel that it is losing its look and feel, visit website and get in touch with the best painting company in Dubai to help you out.

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What to Look for at a Plus Size Online Clothing Store

Garment hunting can be an enjoyable for some. But for full bodied women, it can be a tiresome experience, as looking for a garment with the right size and style can take forever to find. But the good news is, the fashion industry is evolving and it is now catering to all women, whatever body type and silhouette they have.

The rise of plus size clothes online stores are also giving way on making the plus size clothing known in the fashion industry. But picking a trusted one can be difficult as there are a lot of online stores offering similar procedures. To pick the online store for you, might need to know these factors:


  1. Offers variety of sizes and body types

This is one of the most important part you need to look for. The shop should be able to cater to plus size women in all sizes and body frames. Each woman differs in body types and not all clothes can fit all women fashionable. The store should have categories for these body types so the search will not be too complicated.


  1. Has a number of fashionable items

More than the sizes, the items should be fashionable as well. The plus size womens clothing is trying to break away from the usual dull and plain type of clothing. To be able to cater to the style of these women, they should also provide fashionable items that goes with the sizes and body frames.


  1. Variety in colors and patterns

A woman’s complexity is one of the basis for choosing the right garment color. Ensure that each item comes in different colors and sizes, so online shoppers would have options to choose from. Same goes with pattern, the plus size fashion industry is embracing patterns and shapes so your online store should do the same.


  1. Solid online security features

Online sellers will most opt to pay for their items online as it is convenient for them. If the store has history of online breach, then it might not be a good place to shop. Choose an online shop with solid security features in terms of payment. They should also have a backup feature in case something unfortunate happens.


  1. Excellent customer service

A fast and reliable customer experience is important to online shoppers as they feel valued. When choosing an online store, ensure that they are committed on serving their customers by attending to their online questions as fast as they could and provide feedback to any comments and suggestions given by their clients.

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What you need to do to find the best packers and movers – A few tips

In life, there are numerous things that we do that may seem outright impossible at first. Moving / relocating is definitely on top that list! Shifting and relocating is not something that we look forward to because of all the countless stuff involved in it – particularly packing and unpacking. However, it’s part of life and needs to be done sometime or the other. However, you can now make things a whole lot easier for yourself by taking on the services of the best relocation companies in Dubai. Finding these firms is not an easy thing to do, but here are a few tips that are definitely going to help you out:

Ask for referrals
To get things started, the very first thing for you to do when looking for a top notch moving company is to ask your family members and friends for referrals. Ask someone who has relocated recently. This is going to make it extremely easy for you to choose on a service provider. One thing that you need to do when asking for referrals is to question them about the charges of the company, whether they delivered apt services or not, and what sort of reimbursement they were willing to give out in case something or the other got damaged by their staff members.

Come up with a list and carry out research
The next thing that you need to do is formulate a list of the companies that have been referred to by your family members and friends. Moving on, you would need to carry out a bit of research on all of these companies over the internet. Visit their websites, go through their services plans and read out their testimonials. Moreover, you need to read the reviews that such companies have received by previous clients of theirs online. These come from real people, so you can easily rely on them, thereby making it extremely easy for you to choose the right firm.

Carry out a bit of comparison
Moving on, when you have created a list of the charges and the services offered by a few companies like, it is necessary for you to carry out a bit of comparison amongst all of them. The comparison needs to be carried out on the basis of the charges they will be asking for, along with the services that they will be delivering in return. This is basically going to make it possible for you to take on service providers who offer the best value for money.


Get in touch with the company
Once you have decided which service provider you wish to work with, it is best for you to get in touch with them right away and make a booking.

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Benefits of Team Sports for Kids

We believe that every child should be involved in team sports. Aside from keeping them busy and active, team sports also instil healthy habits and help our young ones physically, mentally, and emotionally. In a team sport, children understand that there is no “I” in team. It’s best if they learn sportsmanship and cooperation while they are still young. They should learn how to work together with other kids—with different personalities and cultures—to achieve a common goal. Team sports usually lead to new friendships.


Team sports also teach children respect. During the games, they need to listen and respect the opinions of their coaches and co-players. Playing in a team teaches children that they should respect everyone, from the star player to someone who has not had much experience. Being respectful to other people should be observed on and off the court.


Time management is also one of the main values children learn in a team sport. They should learn to allot enough time for family time, doing assignments, and practicing their sports. Children who are sports-oriented learn how to find a healthy balance among different areas of their lives. If you want to reduce the stress and improve the productivity of your kid, you should teach him/her proper time management. Or better yet, let your kid be involved in a team sport.


Playing in a team teaches children many things—one of those is that “life is not always fair”. There may be some instances when they do not agree with the call of the referee. There may be times when they think they will surely win because of their efforts but loose in the end. So, they have to understand that things will not always go their way. Team sports teach children that they cannot always get what they want and that they should deal with disappointments professionally. Their team may not win all the time, but losing can teach them many things—like the value of perseverance and never giving up.


Just click the link if you are looking for that company conducting team sports and other fun kids activities in Dubai. Our company offers physical activities (football, tennis, dodge ball, golf, rounders, and other team games) and non-physical activities (debating, entrepreneurial case study challenges, problem solving, mini business challenges, team problem solving, and creative thinking). Half-day and full-day camps are also available.


We can also help you in organizing your next kids party in Dubai. Contact us today!

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Why You Should Use Online Flower Delivery for Sending Flowers

Flower is the basic medium of communication when you want to express your love or when you want to show the appreciation. Be it a king or an average man, flowers are used by everyone. You can say that flowers are the only constant thing which will never go out of fashion.

Just imagine when you come and receive a beautiful bouquet from you loved one, how would it feel? Off-course right now you don’t have words to describe that feeling. In actually you simply can’t give name to that feeling. Rather than going to the flowers shops in Dubai, people opt for the online flowers delivery because they find it so convenient.

Ease of buying

Well if you visit the websites of online florists, you will see that they allow you to pick up the flowers from the wide range. And if you want flowers for any special occasion then you can place an order for that too. You can always customize your bouquet all you are required to do is that you need to tell them about your requirement. For various reasons people use online flowers delivery. Some of the reasons are:

The main reason for which people prefer going for online flowers delivery is that they offer huge variety of flowers. They give you so many options to choose from. Online florists have usual and exotic flowers. There are flowers which you don’t find when you go to the florist’s shops. While if you go to the online florist shops you will see the exotic flowers, you will see those flowers which are rarely available. So, if you want to get it include then you can tell them. One thing you need to keep in mind, rare flowers cost high because they are quite rare to find.

Pocket friendly price!

Another thing which compels people to buy flowers online is that, the online florists give you flowers at pocket friendly rates. When you go to the florists shop, he charges you quite high price and you just can’t say anything about it and you end up giving him the price he asks for. When you ask the local florist to make a bouquet for any special occasion then he charges you so much for that. On the contrary if you go for online flower delivery there are so many packages available for different occasion. Suppose you want to send flowers in Dubai to your friend’s place then you can order online and can avail the packages they have!

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Dubai’s Mercurial Rise

Dubai’s Mercurial Rise

When you look at magnificent civilizations today, you often find they have been growing steadily over hundreds of years or longer and it makes sense. Normally, it takes a bit of time to go from nothing to a mega city and tourist attraction, but Dubai has accomplished it in record time.

Historical Dubai

Research is ongoing on the early inhabitants of the area, basically because there have been few ancient settlements discovered. We do know there were inhabitants around 1095, thanks to a mention in the Book of Geography, by Abu Abdullah AL-Bakri.


Geographically, Dubai has always been a popular trade location. Iranians had used the port for many years and some even settled in the area. Fishing and pearling were the name of the game in Dubai. In fact, it was well known for its pearl exports until the Great Depression.


Between the world wide economic depression and the development of cultured pearls, Dubai’s one claim to fame was decimated. Images of the city around this time frame are starkly different from the glittering skyline you would see today. So what exactly happened?

Was it the Oil?

There is no doubt the discovery of oil helped fund the rise of this magnificent city, but in truth, a lot of leg work on infrastructure was completed before oil was discovered. Around 1958, the ruler of the area decided to invest in private companies that would provide electricity, telephone service to go along with an airstrip built on salt flats and the region’s first hotel.

For nearly a decade, this ruler ignored advice against pressing forward and determined to build a jet airport and even borrowed money to build a bridge across Dubai Creek. You kind of get the feeling that Dubai shares many characteristics with the fictional Little Engine that Could.

Oil was eventually discovered off the coast, and while some would have thought Sheikh Rashid would have pulled back a bit and allowed the oil to become the major product, he instead continued to build infrastructure and expand Dubai’s opportunities. This included a 16 berth deep water port that allows larger vessels to make port.


If you had been a resident of Dubai even 50 years ago, it would be hard to imagine the “pearl in the desert” she has become. It is now a thriving metropolis that draws businesses, trade and even Hollywood movies to the shores. You may not find a great deal of ancient history on this area, but if you watch closely, you can see history in the making.


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